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New Edition About Psoriasis

New Edition About Psoriasis

Now it is the old knowledge that, the psoriasis is incurable disease. And It is revealed from our latest R&D data; that- the psoriasis and psoriasis arthritis is ‘curable disease’.

Our dermatologist who worked behind the psoriasis R&D; realized it from the scientific and pathological study; that- one or more certain hormone (Antibody) induces in its large quantity; in the blood stream when a person appears in psoriatic condition.

It is a important tool for all dermatologists to justify that, They must know the fact that, ‘the things those derange the skin in psoriatic condition and how to remove such things from the person affected; which derange the skin and blood ; and ultimately provide the cure from psoriasis’.

We cured several people in this line; through the clinical study and the psoriasis did not come again in their life. Now they are all free from the ‘psoriasis and psoriasis arthritis’. We need to conduct more study in this line; for the people in different region all around this world to support them in this line of cure.